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Oh, what an exciting time to be alive! We’re living in an age where the small thin device in our pockets can unlock more opportunities than our grandparents could’ve imagined. An age where attention is leverage, and you can get rich by learning how to convert online influence into real-world coins.

The question is, are you building an attractive personal brand that builds a community of buyers?

Personal branding 101

Our personal brand is the coupling of our characteristics, values, and story that makes up who we are. It exists whether we acknowledge it exists or not.

Our personal brand is the way we’ve positioned ourselves in the minds of others. Even though our personal brand trails us like a shadow wherever we go, it’s usually the first thing people recognize about us.

For example, what emotions are evoked when you think Donald Trump? Now how about Barack Obama?

I’ll bet that your feelings about the two aforementioned are polar opposites, depending on which side of the political spectrum you fall under.

That’s branding.

Creating Your Personal Brand

Think of your personal brand as a blank canvas. With your brush and a colorful palette by your side, you can paint a beautiful work of art. Each color you use on your canvas represents a different element of your life or self. Every brushstroke is intentional, and adds a unique flavor to the overall piece of work.

Your personal brand is the essence of you, flaws and all. Not everyone is going to like you, but those who do will fill your pockets.

So how can we intentionally build an attractive personal brand for 2019 and beyond?

First, you go inward….

Create a personal mission/vision statement – This provides clarity over your life and gives you a sense of purpose. Although there’s no specific length it should be, the best mission/vision statements are often concise and specific. Will Smith’s statement is “Improve lives,” while Richard Branson’s is “to have fun in my journey through life and learn from my mistakes.”

Get ultra specific with how you foresee your life unfolding and where you envision yourself in the future. Distractions are everywhere, but our mission/vision statement will keep us inspired and focused on what matters most.

Define your unique point of view – Your point of view is the lens in which you view the world. It’s a high level outlook in which all your content stems.

For example, here’s mine: “Strip naked and watch the money roll in.” – It’s short, provocative, and every piece of content I create is woven with my point of view.

I believe authenticity and transparency (nakedness) is the key to personal branding, and when we share our message openly and confidently, it creates a community of customers. Keep this important fact in mind as you’re growing your personal brand and influence.

Now, let’s venture outward…

Once you have a clear understanding of your personal mission/vision statement and point of view, then you begin to craft your strategy of how you’ll fulfill your goals and communicate your message to the world in a powerful way.

Define you target audience – Your ideal audience are the people who you’re aiming to reach and will be interested in the content you provide. If you’re building your personal brand with the intention of growing your business, you’ll want to create content in alignment with your business objectives.

For instance, my digital agency i am a brand, empowers growing companies with the knowledge and resources to build profitable digital communities, while my personal brand believes stripping naked is the key to financial success (personal mission statement).

I merge my business objectives with my personal mission by contributing content that educates individuals on how to authentically communicate their message and value to the world. This approach has created an international community of people and opened the doors to new opportunities.

My messaging is a beautiful intersection of my personal beliefs, entrepreneurial journey, and company objectives.

Position yourself an authority to target ideal audience.

Once you’re clear on your unique point of view and have defined your ideal audience, you can begin to position yourself as an authority and craft content that appeals to your designated market. You can share your thoughts and opinions on social media, by blogging, making videos, podcasting, getting quoted in the media, and more. The more quality content you create, the bigger your digital footprint.

Building an attractive personal brand takes time and commitment, but it’s worth the hours of work. A strong personal brand builds community, and having a community is the greatest asset you can have in your digital success toolkit.

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